5 Best Backup Sump Pump Machines Buying Guide for 2020

Did it rain heavily last night? Is your basement filled with lots of water? Water accumulation in the basement is worrisome. The basement has a lot of important stuff. Americans face water damages once in their lifetime. It is great to have a sump pump machine at home. If your general sump pump machine fails, it is salient to have a backup sump pump machine at home. Therefore, we have listed the top 5 best sump pumps with battery backup in this article.

Sump pumps are machines that help to remove accumulated water in your basement. Homeowners have claimed to suffer huge losses due to water damage. Hence, you must always have a backup sump pump device.

Sump pumps automatically activate whenever it detects water level rising. It uses AC power to work. So, if there has been a power outage, it is essential to have a sump pump with battery backup.

To help you with your sump pump shopping, we have listed the famous and top sump pumps with battery backup. There is no harm in keeping a backup, and so we are here to help you. Go through the devices and their features to choose your ideal sump pump.

Best Selling Sump Pumps with Battery Backup

1. Black Wayne ESP25

With Wayne ESP25, you do not have to worry about assembling different parts. Wayne has done its part. Therefore, you can keep the worries and hard work for producing a sump pump aside.

The machine is a 1/3-HP. It runs with a 12VDC power source. The machine comes with a polythene battery case. The battery case holds a Group 27-size sealed lead-acid battery. Hence, it is a powerful backup sump pump device.

The machine is standalone. It is a backup for any sort of pump. The machine operates from a separate float switch. Therefore, you do not need a circuit between ESP25 and your pump.

If you have had a massive water malfunction, this machine can save you significant time. The machine works efficiently during a power outage. The machine can also act as a booster pump to your present pump. It can discharge the water from the same outlet line or a separated dedicated line.

The machine is also equipped with pumping specs. It removes water entirely from your basement. It has a thermoplastic housing. The housing is durable and water-resistant.

The machine efficiently removes 2300 GPH of water from a 10 feet head. It also comes with a 1.5 inches discharge outlet.

It is recommended and advised to use a 75Ah or a 45Ah deep-cycle battery. With the 75Ah battery, it is capable of keeping your basement dry for up to three days. Therefore, your basement is safe, and you can easily arrange for other precautions.

When your primary pump fails, you will hear an alarm. The alarm indicates that the ESP25 is at work for you.

Other Features

The machine has a 6 feet battery cable. So, it is quite easily accessible as well. It weighs 20lbs. The machine comes with a 2-year warranty. Hence, you can easily reach out to customer care for assistance.

This is a great machine and has excellent features. It is overall a great machine to work with. Even if you are not at home during water breakout, this machine does its job accurately. Hence, it is reliable, as well.


Wayne ESP25 costs $245.98. Therefore, it is both affordable and equipped with great features. It is undoubtedly one of our favourite best sump pumps with battery backup.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine operates quietly.
  • The machine comes assembled to you. Hence, no headache of producing the device.
  • It has the right charging technology.
  • It has a 1/3 horsepower motor.
  • An alarm rings when it is in use.
  • You might have to check irregular valves’ positioning.

2. Superior Pump 92900

It costs about half of Wayne ESP25. Superior Pump 92900 pumps out a significant amount of water from your basement. Therefore, if you are looking for a sump pump that is cheap but still pumps out a considerable amount of water, then go for this device.

This machine can quickly get your job done. If you are facing a power outage, then this could be an ideal machine for you. It is essentially a backup sump pump machine. Anyway, it has a great capacity and powerful unit.

The machine has a top-notch quality thermoplastic construction. Therefore, it is water-resistant and works efficiently. Just like Wayne ESP25, this device is also equipped with an alarm.

The machine has a 12 volts motor. Within an hour, it can remove 1380 gallons of water. The pump is capable of lifting water a height of 25 feet. Therefore, it is a versatile machine at such a low price.

The machine automatically turns on and off as per need. It has a tethered float switch. For high capacity pumping, the machine is equipped with 1 ½ inch and o 1 ¼ inch TPT discharge.

The battery backup of the machine can be added to any pump. The machine is adjustable. Hence, it is a very convenient and reliable sump pump device.

Therefore, if you face frequent water damage in your basement, you must get this device. The alarm activates while the machine is at work. The machine has an 87-decibel battery with a mute.


The machine comes to you at $137.37. Therefore, you get a highly versatile and great machine for under 200 dollars.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine is highly affordable.
  • The machine has a reverse polarity alarm.
  • It is corrosion-resistant.
  • It can pump out 1380 gallons of water in an hour.
  • The machine has manually reset technology.

3. Zoeller 508-0006

If you are into high-end devices, then this device is a perfect match for you. Zoeller 508-0006 is an expensive machine. The device is equipped with some notable features. Hence, this makes it one of the likeable sump pumps in America as well.

The machine comes to you already assembled. It has an AC/DC submersible. The backup of the Zoeller device is DC powered. Whereas, on the other hand, the main pump is AC powered.

The machine has a 1/3 horsepower 120 volts motor. The flow rate of the main pump is 2580 gallons of water per hour. It pumps out 2580 gallons of water at 0 feet. Therefore, it does pump out a lot of water at a shorter time.

The machine pulls 5 to 10 amps. You have to purchase a battery of 31, 29, and 27-size deep cycle. The batteries must have 175 minutes capacity. The machine comes with an additional hookup wire and battery case. Therefore, you can easily store the battery in the battery case.

The machine’s power cord is 8 feet long. The working temperature of the device ranges from 40 to 120 degrees F.

The machine comes with more excellent reliability compared to other devices. The parts of the machine are built for the longevity of the machine. It comes with a 2-year warranty as well. Hence, it is a highly reliable, sump pump machine.

The machine also comes with an alarm. The alarm rings when the machine is at work—the battery and charger of the device work when the power goes off.

The battery must show a green light indicating that it is fully charged. While working, it is nearly inaudible. You will be getting at least ten years of service from this device when taken proper care of.


Zoeller 508-0006 is a high-end machine. Hence, it might not be a good fit for all customers. The device costs $626.69. Therefore, if you are planning to buy Zoeller 508-0006, then you must have a big pocket for it.

But, it is a highly reliable machine to work with. The machine has notable features as is expected from top-notch and high-end machines. It is the best sump pumps with battery backup if you emphasize on costlier product delivering great qualities.

Pros & Cons

  • You can see the battery charging levels through LED lights.
  • The machine has float activation.
  • It has a powerful pump.
  • The machine can efficiently pump 2580 gallons of water in an hour.
  • This is an expensive machine. Therefore, if you are looking for an inexpensive machine, it might be a perfect fit for.

4. Pump Sentry 822 PS

Coming at our fourth position is the Pump Sentry 822 PS. The machine is durable aluminium. Hence, it is sturdy as well as durable. The machine is compact. Therefore, you can place it anywhere and everywhere.

The machine has a 1200-watt battery backup. The machine is small and compact. Therefore, it can be easily placed over a surface mounted, or the wall-mounted setup.

The machine is equipped with all the vital battery cables. The cables are used to hook up separate 12 Volts deep cycle marine battery. The machine can efficiently work with up to 200 amps marine batteries.

The machine weighs 17.9 pounds. Therefore, it is a heavy machine to handle. The machine is a backup to your primary sump pump. It is highly compatible to work with ½ and 1/3 horsepower sump pump.

The machine is connected with several or one 12 volts deep cycle battery.

If there has been no power outage, your machine runs on AC power. But, if you are facing a power breakdown, then it will run on the backup.

SEC America gives you a 2-year warranty for Pump Sentry 822 PS. If the battery and machine are correctly installed, then the machine will last for years. Therefore, keep the machine clean from debris, sand, and other dust particles. The machine can be easily serviced locally and has a life expectancy of up to ten years.

The machine is highly capable of draining water from your basement. This battery backup system can easily run a primary pump effectively. Hence, we highly recommend this.


The machine comes with a great alarm as well. It has a low audible alarm. The alarm goes off when it is working in the basement. The machine is a silent worker and works in a great way. Therefore, even if you are busy with some other, the machine does its job silently.


Just like Zoeller 506-0008, Pump Sentry 822 PS is expensive as well. It is a high-end machine and falls on the heavier side. Pump Sentry 822 PS costs $665. Therefore, it does have great features but also drops all the heavier side of the investment.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine has a compact size.
  • The housing is rugged aluminium. Therefore, it is sturdy and durable.
  • It can be easily set up in wall-mounted, or a surface mounted set up.
  • The machine has a battery replace indicator as well.
  • The machine falls on the pricier side.

5. Basement Watchdog BWE

The last sump pump machine to feature is the Basement Watchdog BWE. If your basement is frequently flooding, then this cheap sum pump machine is at your service. It has a great battery backup as well. Therefore, you can get this machine if you are looking for an affordable sump pump machine.

The machine is strong stainless steel. It has a corrosion-resistant body. Therefore, it is sturdy as well as durable.

The machine effectively removes 2000 gallons of water at 0 feet. And, at 10 feet it effectively remover 1000 gallons of water. Therefore, removing a large amount of water at different heights is not a big task for this machine.

The sump pump has control panel lights. The lights are user-friendly. Hence, you will face no issue in understanding the lights. The lights help make you know what care does the machine requires.

If you panic about battery level fluids, the machine also comes with a sensor for your mental satisfaction. Therefore, Basement Watchdog BWE is highly user-friendly.

The machine has a compact size. So, you can fit it in the narrowest place of your basement. The sump pump machine weighs 9 pounds. Therefore, it weighs comparatively lighter than other machines and easier to handle.

When there is a power outage, the machine starts immediately when connected to a primary pump. When the capacity of the primary pump exceeds, the backup sump pump takes charge.

You will get to hear an alarm when the machine needs any maintenance or faces any issue. Therefore, the machine keeps you alert to its needs. Lights will indicate the cause of the alarm. So, you do not have to wonder as to why the alarm rang.

Pump Out Made Easy:

With this machine, you can easily pump out water for six hours. Therefore, it works effectively, even for a longer duration. It is a perfect fit if you have a large basement and lots of water to pump out.


This is the cheapest sump pump machine on the list. Basement Watchdog BWE costs $136.59. Hence, if you are looking for an affordable machine with excellent facilities, then you must go for this machine.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine is highly reliable and convenient.
  • The machine has a dual floating switch. Therefore, this ensures that the machine keeps on working.
  • It has a lucid control panel.
  • The machine installs easily.
  • Customers have reported that the battery becomes incapable of holding charge when left idle.

Best Sump Pumps with Battery Backup- Buyer’s Guide

If you have had water breakage earlier, then you will know how hard it is to manage water. Gallons of water gets filled in your basement. You may have stored essential documents and antiques in your basement which may get damaged due to moisture. Hence, it is always essential to have a backup sump pump in case of a water outage.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy a backup sump pump, then do tick off the following considerations below.

Type of Battery

When you are looking for a battery backup sump pump, it becomes salient to consider the kind of battery used. There are two types of batteries. One is an Absorbent Glass Mat or AGM Battery. The second one is Solar Battery. The solar battery will need you to set up solar panels near the backup sump pump.

On the other hand, for AGM batteries, you have to choose between marine, deep cycle, wet cell batteries, and maintenance-free. These batteries run in DC and last for decades. Therefore, AGM battery is preferred by most of the sump pump manufacturing companies.


If you have a small basement, then size is a factor to consider. Certain backup sump pumps need unique installations. This might take quite a place. Therefore, make sure you have enough space in your basement.

If you have a small space, then buy a backup sump pump that comes along with a primary one.

Build Quality

The best sump pumps machine must be of durable materials. Therefore, your machine can last for a longer time. There are three types of building qualities:

  • Cast Iron: Most manufacturing companies prefer cast iron for sump pumps. Cast iron is a durable material and can withstand almost everything. But, on the other hand, this also makes the machine quite heavy.
  • Stainless Steel: Some machines have durable stainless steel as well. They have excellent corrosion fighting capabilities. Machines of stainless steel last for years.
  • Plastic: If you are looking for a light-weighted sump pump, then you can go for plastic ones. But, be aware, they do not withstand strong adversities. Hence, if you do not intend to use a plastic sump pump frequently, then go for plastic ones.

Ease in Installing the Machine

When you go for sump pump shopping, you must ensure that the sump pump is easy to install. Some machines have already come pre-assembled. Hence, you do not have to assemble the machine, and it becomes easier to install.

Most of the machines are easy to install. The machine plugs in. Then, it is switched on. But, always make sure the backup is compatible with the primary one.

Final Thoughts!

So, if you face water damage frequently, then you must go for a sump pump machine. Keeping a backup sump pump is a great option, in case you encounter a power outage. Therefore, we hope we have helped you to sort your decision by listing the best sump pumps with battery backup.


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