5 Grass Catcher for Toro Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide for 2021

Lawnmowers are a vital part of housekeeping and it is important to buy a perfect one that can be used efficiently. While lawn mowing might not be a big deal for most people, however, for the others it is an essential aspect of their gardening routine and requires the use of the right tools and techniques to do so. The importance of using the right kind of lawnmower is necessary. The chosen machine should be something which is easy to manage, maintain and maneuver. It is a smart move to be able to choose a lawnmower according to the size of your garden, the kind of user you are and the power supply that you prefer. While lawn mowing has been developed rapidly like a machine, however, a lot goes into selecting the right one. The idea of the grass lying about after the process of mowing is quite challenging. This calls for more work after, as you go about collecting the cut-grass from all over your lawn.

Here, a ‘grass catcher’ comes to play. This is an important attachment to the lawnmower and goes a long way into making your work a lot easier and efficient. A Grass catcher comprises a bag-like attachment, which is used to collect as the grass gets chopped off the lawn. These are attached at the back of the walk of the mower and are attached with a wireframe onto the main body of the lawnmower.

The grass clippings are directly pushed onto through the mulching doors from the lawnmower ‘walks’ into the collection bag. The airflow is used to propel the clippings into the bags so that they are directed properly into the bag. When using the Grass catcher, it is advised to the users to not mow on wet grass. This is mainly because the wet grass can clog chute and cause a blockage. Also, it is advised to not mow too-long grass, as this can also be one of the causes of causing a clog.

Best Selling Grass Catcher for Toro Zero Turn Mower

5 Best Grass Catcher for Toro Zero Turn Mower Review

1. Toro 115-4673 Grass Bag Assembly

The Toro 115-4673 Grass Bag Assembly is a fabric grass catcher which is used to collect the clipped grass after mowing. The product is a simple rectangular set up along the metal frame and the design is easy to fit on the mower and to use.


  • The product consists of OEM Toro part
  • The product can be easily fit into the various Toro 22” models like 20332, 20332C,20333 to name a few
  • Consists of a metal frame for the easy installation process

Pros & Cons

  • The product is easy to install
  • The product is reasonably priced
  • This product is lightweight
  • The product offers a perfect fit
  • The durability of the product can be improved
  • Cases of frequent ‘jammings’ have been reported

The Verdict

This is a great product when it comes to the quality of the fabric used for the grass clipping function. Being lightweight and easy to manage, this product is a great buy. However, this cannot be used when it comes to heavy-duty or taller grass clippings.

2. Toro 108-9792 Grass Bag

This is a fine grass catcher and is designed to be able to collect the clippings as they are pushed into the chute. The Toro 108-9792 Grass Bag is a genuine OEM part and is ‘bag only’. This particular product fits perfectly into various Toro products like 20064, 20065, 20066, 20067 to name a few. This grass catcher is a fine ‘mesh-like’ finish and can be used perfectly to attach to the lawnmower.


  • Toro 108-9792 Grass Bag is lightweight
  • Toro 108-9792 Grass Bag can be used in compatibility with quite a few lawnmowers with much ease.
  • The fabric is easy to clean when needed
  • The Toro 108-9792 Grass Bags are usually able to fit on to various frames

The Verdict

The Toro 108-9792 Grass Bag is a good product, with a few flaws. This grass cutter is white in color, thus, making it tough to maintain. As the product is compatible with most of the other models of the lawnmower, it makes a good purchase.

3. TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin

TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin
5 Reviews
TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning,...

The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin is a fine looking machine and is used for the purpose of collecting grass clippings. This product is used in combination with the lawnmower and it is attached using the metal frame. The function of the product is quite simple, the grass cutter bag is attached to the metal frame, which is later attached to the lawnmower walk. The grass clippings are pushed into the grass catcher bag with the gush of propelling wind.


  • The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin has been through a complete quality check.
  • The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin is available along with the required attachments and comes in a cool box, easy for storage.
  • The product has undergone the due course of cleaning, inspection, testing and also repacking.

Pros & Cons

  • The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin does not require any weight kit.
  • The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin has the weight kit included in the packaging.
  • This TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin comes along with a chute.
  • The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin is a complete kit.
  • The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin cannot be used on too-tall
  • The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin is slightly overcharged.

The Verdict

The TORO TimeCutter SS & SW 42 In. Twin is a perfect companion for your lawnmower and the best part is that it comes along with the entire kit. This way you do not have to worry about getting yourself any new attachments, as the kit includes it all.

4. Toro 121-5770 Grass Bag

The Toro 121-5770 Grass Bag is a cool product that is a genuine OEM Toro part. The product has been efficiently designed to collect the clipped grass after lawn mowing. This grass catcher has been manufactured from good quality material and durable fabric. It is compatible with Toro 20199, 20200, 20975, 20977 to name a few.


  • A genuine OEM Toro part
  • Helpful in collecting the grass clippings
  • This Toro 121-5770 Grass Bag is colored black, thus low on maintenance

Pros & Cons

  • The Toro 121-5770 Grass Bag is good to look at
  • Low maintenance
  • Easily affordable
  • The Grass Bag is durable as it is made from high-quality material
  • The Toro 121-5770 Grass Bag is slightly on the pricier side
  • The Toro 121-5770 Grass Bag is compatible with only selective lawnmowers.

The Verdict

The Toro 121-5770 Grass Bag is a great product, however, it is costly in case if you encounter any damage during the course of use. However, it works as the bag is black colored, which offers you easy maintenance.

5. Toro 114-2664 Grass Bag (No Frame)

The Toro 114-2664 Grass Bag (No Frame) is a wonderful product with genuine OEM Toro Part. The product is compatible with Compatible with Toro models: 20092, 20092C, 20093, 20093C, 20095, 20095C, 20099, 20355, 20357, 20381, 20382, 20383, 20384, 20792, 20793, 20794, 20795, 20796, 20797, 20964 and 59165. Being quite lightweight this grass catcher can be used quite efficiently. The grasscutter is a great piece of accessory for your lawnmower which is used for collecting the grass clippings in an effective manner thus, helping you with the tedious task of grass collection. The product is to be attached with the metal frame on to the walk of the lawnmower in an easy manner. The grass clipping is pushed into the chute of the lawnmower by a gush of air which directs the clippings into the bag.


  • The Toro 114-2664 Grass Bag (No Frame) is lightweight
  • This Toro 114-2664 Grass Bag (No Frame) fits perfectly
  • The Toro 114-2664 Grass Bag (No Frame) has easy installation
  • The Toro 114-2664 Grass Bag (No Frame) is black colored, thus, no maintenance.

The Verdict

The Toro 114-2664 Grass Bag (No Frame) is a great buy if you are into low maintenance, as you do not need to worry about the bag getting too dirty all the time. As this is just the bag, it does not come along with the steel frame, however, you can very well purchase one yourself and attach it easily on to the lawnmower.

The Buying Guide

Zero Turn Mower Buyers Guide: Types, Styles and Quality Grades

Buying the perfect Zero-turn mower can be quite a task. However, not all people know or understand the mechanics and the workings that go with selecting the zero-turn mower. While durability is one major aspect of the selection process, however, the lawnmower is a simple vehicle at the end of the day. So, let us take a look at some of the features that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the zero-turn mower.


There are four basic types of Zero-turn mowers:

  1. The steering wheel is much like your basic vehicle and can be controlled likewise. This includes a steering wheel, foot pedal for control
  2. Lap-Bar Steering is one of the most basic zero-turn mowers and is widely used. It utilizes two levers that fold in front of the driver and steer accordingly.
  3. The Stand-on mowers also include two levers and are mostly used by professional contractors. These offer great control and maneuvering.
  4. The Joystick model is much like a video game and is controlled accordingly.

The Styles

There are two styles generally:

  • The Mid deck mower: These are most commonly used in the US. However, these have limited control over the maneuverings and speed.
  • The Front Deck style: This is most commonly used in Europe and is of the highest possible control.

It is advised that the zero turn mower is used to cut down the grass. While and when using the machine it is important to note that the user should not use it on shrubs, plants, and timber. Also, the user must bear in mind that any grass growing taller than 12 inches can be a problem to be mowed down. So it is best to not run your machine over things that can cause sustainable damage, jamming and clogging.

Zero Turn Mower Buyers Guide: Sizing Your Mower Deck

The size is just as important when selecting the machine. For this, a 42-inch deck will require 48 inches along with the discharge chute so that the narrow areas can be mowed down with push mower.

  • Less Than 42 inches: It is advisable to not use the zero turn mowers on a slope greater than 10 degrees.
  • 42-46 inches Deck: This will require a full size pick up. It is recommended to use a 46-inch deck for a 1-acre yard.
  • 48”- 50” Deck: This helps mow down at a rate of 20% faster than the 48-inch type. This is perfect for 1 to 3 acre of yard
  • 52”-54” Deck: If the open areas or the area between your obstruction are 50 – 54 inches this will allow you a saving of 30-40% of your time.
  • 60”-61” Deck: This is more of a professional landscape area. Here a 25HP commercial-grade engine is used. The efficiency is about 5 acres in one hour.
  • 72” Deck: Not recommended unless you have 5 cares or more of lawn


A grass catcher is a great attachment when it comes to reducing your task of gathering the grass that has been clipped off. The quality of the material used for the making of the grass catcher is important as this is the deciding factor for the durability of the product. As the grass cutter has a function of retaining the grass clippings, it is necessary that it should be of sustainable capacity. The grass catcher is important, as it is not just about mowing the lawn but making a clean job of it. The grass catcher may or may not come along a metal frame. This frame is used for the attachment to the main body of the lawnmower.

As the grass catcher is all about storing the grass clippings, you must be careful about the occasional ‘jams’ that might occur. The grasscutter must never be used on wet grass, as this will cause the grass to stick on to the walls of the chute and the bags altogether. Also, there are times when too long grass clippings might clog the grass catcher, so try to avoid tall heightened grass altogether. Usually, the grass catcher includes the main grass catcher bag, enclosed into a mesh bag, plastic housing which holds the bag on the place and the wireframe which is used to attach the grass catcher to the lawnmower.


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