5 Best Espresso Machine Under $500 Buying Guide for 2020

When you are looking for an espresso machine, the first thing that to consider is the price. You must decide whether you want to go for expensive high-quality machines or the least expensive ones. If you are looking for an espresso machine for home or office use at a mid-range, you must look for the best espresso machine under $500. These not only have great features but are worth the deal.

When looking for an espresso machine at this price range, you must decide whether you want a semi-automatic or super-automatic machine. Though there are many features and models in the line-up, it can be a daunting task to choose the best one.

Spending 500 dollars on an espresso machine is a considerable investment. Whether you want it for your kitchen space or office canteen, it must work well and have long durability. The best you can do is stick to the brands you know and have read reviews about.

In this article, we have listed the popular espresso machines under $500. These machines belong from top brands and are highly reliable. They have excellent ratings and reviews and are preferred by the demographic. Therefore, there’s no way you can avoid the amazing espresso machines listed below.

Best Selling Espresso Machines Under $500

1. Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro

If you are an amateur barista, you probably want to spend only a minimal amount of money on your espresso machine. Yet, you would also want great features out of it. Then, Breville’s Duo Temp Pro is sure to please you with its features. And it also costs less than $500.

It is a multi-functional espresso machine that can be used in households as well as offices. The Thermo coil is stainless steel and heats the water to the appropriate temperature for brewing coffee. This also allows excellent steaming milk. You need not wait any longer to for the water to warm up when you have this fantastic machine.

When the steaming the milk is done, the machine automatically returns to the accurate brewing temperature. This is done by an automatic purge cycle.

The steam wand is traditional and perfectly heats milk and produces good foam. Therefore, you not only can enjoy your double espresso shots, but you can also enjoy latte or cappuccino on some days. The espresso machine also features a 15-bar Italian pump. The pump helps in the extraction of flavors, giving you top-notch coffee.

The machine also comes up with a 61-ounce water tank. You can prepare quite a few numbers of espresso servings. With low-speed extraction, you get to achieve a perfect cup of sweet and bitter coffee. The machine is known for its espresso that will energize you in the morning. Hence, you work at lightning speed all day.

Minus Point

The passive cup warmer is plastic. This is a disadvantage as it turns off automatically after some time of brewing. The machine can also become a bit noisy sometimes. Anyway, the machine is a gem for novice baristas and is a must-have if you want to try your hand in new coffee drinks.


Breville BES810BSS Duo Temp Pro costs $444.97. Hence, you get a top brand espresso machine without spending a lot of bucks from your pocket. It is multi-functional, therefore absolutely worth the deal.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine has PID technology. Hence, this keeps the temperature stable.
  • It has automatic purging. Therefore, it quickly prepares itself for the next use.
  • The manual steam wand easily creates micro-foam for your drinks.
  • It comes with a 61-ounce water tank, and you can make a lot of drinks.
  • A perfect match for a novice barista.
  • The machine is turned off manually. Hence, you need to be alert and mindful.

2. Flair Signature Espresso Machine

When looking for an artistically well-built lever espresso machine, you might have to spend a considerable amount. But, Flair’s Signature espresso machine solves this issue. You can buy a great espresso machine by paying only a little. Hence, you can quickly fulfill your wish for a good lever machine.

Well, it is believed that great coffee is made when labor is put in preparation. Therefore, when you prepare your coffee manually with a lever, it’s going to be the best espresso. The machine does not have such unique features, and that’s the best part of it. You do not have to figure out a lot of features, and it is easy to use.

You can save electricity as you have to use the machine manually. Hence, you can spend some time making a pure espresso art with Flair’s Signature espresso machine. It can take up to 3 minutes or more to make a perfect shot of espresso. If you are accustomed to an automatic espresso machine, this is not an ideal fit for you.

The Flair flaunts its minimalistic design. It has proven that not much is needed to make a perfect cup of espresso. It features a handle, and all you have to do next is place your cup under the brew chamber.

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For filter transfer, it has a copper base. The copper portafilter looks incredibly stylish with the black and white design of the machine. The machine also features a detachable brew head. Therefore, it enables easy cleaning and assembling of the parts. Perfect brewing is achieved with the optimal pressure by the piston. Flair creates 8-16 bars to make the perfect shot of espresso. It can be used anywhere. It does not require a power source.

Easy Cleaning

It has hassle-free cleaning. Every part can be cleaned separately and assembled quickly. This makes the machine run for a longer time. Thanks to the detachable brew head that it can be cleaned without any extra effort.


Flair’s Signature espresso machine comes at $215.10. If you want to make a perfect espresso art all by yourself, you must go for this best espresso machine for under $500.

Pros & Cons

  • Simplified and minimalistic design. Therefore, this makes it pretty easy to use.
  • The piston on the machine creates optimal pressure. This is perfect for espresso.
  • Easy to clean as every part is removable and can be assembled easily too.
  • Saves electricity as it is used manually. Hence, you can use it anywhere and at any time.
  • It has multiple small parts that need to be cleaned and adjusted after each brew.

3. Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine

One of the most popular espresso machines under $500 is Gaggia’s Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine. As its name suggests, it is fully automatic. Hence, this will give you a perfect cup of espresso with the touch of a button.

This machine is a perfect fit for business professionals who prefer time over anything. With the touch of a button, a perfect shot of espresso will be presented in front of them. Or, if they want cappuccino or latte, with the steam wand, milk frothing is easy too.

This super-automatic has an integrated ceramic burr grinder. Therefore, you get to have an aromatic and flavorful espresso from fresh coffee beans. The ceramic grinder produces less heat after grinding than the metal ones. You will be able to achieve five different grind sizes with this machine.

This machine also features pre-infusion features. This helps in the wetting of the ground coffee bed before brewing in the portafilter. This enables aromatic espresso. The device also features a 15 bar powerful pump. This, in turn, helps to apply pressure to push the water through the ground bed. In this way, the extraction of flavor from coffee beans is maximized.

The water tank has a Maeva water filter. Excellent quality water ensures excellent coffee. Hence, with the water filter, you get to have a flavorful and aromatic espresso. It has four filtration stages and removes every impurity that comes on its way.

The machine is compact and can be fit anywhere in your kitchen. It does not take much space, unlike other automatic espresso machines. Also, your coffee will be ready in just 10 seconds. That’s how fast it is!

Ease of Maintenance and Use

The machine is easy to use and maintain. You can choose between a double and a single espresso shot. The machine also remembers your preferred drink. So, you do not have to set it every morning.

Regular maintenance of a machine keeps it going for years. You can easily clean this machine as the coffee ground drawer, and water tank are easily accessible. The machine also features a self-rinsing process.


Gaggia’s Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine will cost you $469. So, you get a super-automatic machine with unique features at this price range. This is an outstanding deal.

Pros & Cons

  • It has an automatic espresso brewing, i.e., from bean-to-cup.
  • The machine has a steam wand that quickly froths milk for cappuccino and latte.
  • This machine is built to use coffee beans as well as pre-ground coffee.
  • It is compact and built with classy stainless steel.
  • This can fit anywhere, even under kitchen cabinets.
  • It is effortless to maintain, use, and clean.
  • This machine, unfortunately, cannot brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously, unlike other automatic machines.

4. Gaggia Carezza De LUXE Espresso Machine

Well, if you are not a barista, but want a perfect cup of coffee drink, then Gaggia’s Carezza De LUXE Espresso machine is an ideal fit for you. This is a well-built machine that can be used in both home and office spaces. The machine works great with pre-ground coffee as well as easy serve espresso pods.

Gaggia produces aesthetic well-built espresso machines. The machine is compact and can fit in your kitchen cabinet as well. It also comes up with a cup warmer that keeps your coffee warm for a longer time on the top.

The machine is super-fast and prepares your espresso in just 1 minute. You don’t have to keep in mind about turning off the machine. As it automatically turns off after 9 minutes of no use. You can easily monitor the water reservoir as well. It has a Maeva Intenza water filter that clears out chlorine and impurities from the water.

Breakout Features

Let’s get straight to the features of this brilliant espresso machine. It has a pre-infusion feature. This is something you find in higher-end machines. Therefore, getting such a feature in this price range is impressive. This allows a more profound and perfect extraction of flavor.

The filter basket is another beauty. It has a capacity of 18 grams. This is a standard size that you will find in most of the café nowadays. So, if you plan to run a café, then you must go for this machine. Or, if you have a huge family, this a perfect fit for your family as well.

The next feature that impressed us is the filter baskets. These are styled commercially. The filter baskets have hundreds of small holes and enable full extraction of the coffee.

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You can easily brew with ESE pods. Just place your pod adaptor into the portafilter. And then, put the filter basket on top. Then, insert the pod and attach the portafilter. You can brew about 30 ml or 1 ounce.

For frothing, you get two accessories for latte and cappuccinos. For cappuccino, you get a cappuccinatore. And, for a latte, you get Gaggia’s latte art Pannarello.


You get this incredible machine at $332.41. Yes, you get the best espresso machine under $500.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine makes excellent coffee from both pods and coffee beans.
  • It has a front-loaded water tank or reservoir.
  • The milk frother and steam wand are highly reliable.
  • It’s attractive and compact.
  • It is noisy yet tolerable during brewing.

5. Illy X1 Espresso Machine

The next and last espresso machine to feature on our list is the Illy X1 Espresso Machine. This is one of the popular espresso machines under $500 for its design and built quality. The machine is stainless steel. It also has an exquisite drawer. It also features a handle on the drip tray.

The machine has earned its name to produce the best and delicious espresso. You will find a subtle touch of crema, distinctive extraction of coffee flavor, and beautiful thickness.

The dimensions of the machine are 13 x 9.8 x 10.6 inches. Therefore, it is compact and can easily be fit anywhere. It takes just 15 minutes to set up, and then you are ready to produce your cup of espresso. Just wait for the light to signal “Green,” which means you are prepared to make your espresso.

There are quite a few exciting features. The boiler thermometer is the best on this list. It gives a clear indication of when to start pouring, keeping in mind your preferred temperature. Another favorite feature is the cup warmer on top.

The steam froths milk for latte and cappuccino easily. It also heats hot chocolate and water for tea.

If you are a heavy coffee drinker, then you have to store Illy’s iperEspresso capsules. The machine is compatible with only these capsules. It also has an “auto-off” function to control the volume of coffee according to your preference.

Unlike other home espressos, this machine is a bit heavy. You will have to take extra care while setting it up. Just set it up carefully, and then you are ready to go.

The machine is super easy to clean. Keep the machine clean regularly to keep it working for years.


Illy X1 Espresso Machine comes to you at $439.95. This is a great espresso machine if you are a heavy coffee drinker.

Pros & Cons

  • The machine brews impressive coffee.
  • It is designed to steam milk for lattes at ease.
  • It is quick to warm up.
  • The boiler thermometer is the best we have seen.
  • The machine fails to serve a large crowd.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning an Espresso Machine

When you are an avid coffee drinker, having an espresso machine at home is a real benefit. You do not have to run to the coffee shop every morning to get your favorite cup of espresso. You can make it at home easily and enjoy the morning breeze on your balcony. But, there are certain disadvantages too. Let’s check them out.

The Plus Points

  • Easy to Use- Espresso machines are easy to use. With the touch of a button, you can get your favorite espresso shot in under 1 minute. You can also get a manual espresso machine to make an art out of your espresso. Espresso making is a real art. Most machines are compact and light-weighted and pretty easy to use.
  • Relaxation- Coffee is a beverage that refreshes you like anything. When you are having a hectic day at the office, a cup of great coffee gives you relaxation. In the morning, you can enjoy the serenity with a cup of espresso shots in your hand. You don’t have to hire a real barista or cook to provide you with a perfect cup of coffee when you have an espresso machine. With the touch of a button, you get to have excellent coffee in no time.
  • Pocket-friendly- Purchasing an espresso machine is a long-term investment. You spend one time and earn benefits lifetime. Therefore, you can drink whenever you want to. You will get a myriad of espresso machine options, and you can choose according to your budget. You can buy an espresso machine under 200 dollars It entirely depends on your choice.

The Minus Points

  • May not be suitable for homes- If you do not have a large family or an avid drinker, then an espresso machine may not be ideal for you. It can be a bit expensive for home use. But, it is perfect for the office and café use. You will also need to follow a set of instructions to make a perfect cup of espresso. Some need expert skills to make a perfect shot of espresso. If you are a busy bee and do not have time for following instructions, then do not go for a machine. But you can always try something new and exciting.
  • Suitable for avid drinkers- Espresso machines are most ideal for intense coffee lovers. If you drink 5 to 6 cups quickly in a day, you can go for a machine. But, if you drink just 1 or 2 cups of coffee, then better not spend money on it.

To sum up

Espresso machines are a great way to make your perfect cup of coffee in just a few seconds. You can enjoy your day by reenergizing yourself with a great cup of coffee in the morning. You can get the best espresso machine under $500 according to your needs from the above list. I hope this list helped you to sort your choices.


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