10 Best Professional Chainsaw Buying Guide for 2020

Best Selling Professional Chainsaw

Buying a basic chainsaw can help you cut some tree branches on a weekend, but if you are into cutting down large 60ft trees regularly, it’s not going to work for you with a basic chainsaw. You need to buy the best professional chainsaw to get the job done without much hassle. A professional chainsaw is durable for years without demanding much maintenance. You must choose one suiting best to your requirements. Make sure the one your purchase saws well through tough timber, is easy to handle and durable for long.

In this blog, we have brought to you the best professional chainsaws of 2020 that you can choose from based on your needs. As it comes at a higher price than any other residential tool, it is important that you ensure it is worth the investment. Sometimes figuring out the right model within your budget gets tricky. There are a few factors to look into while buying a professional chainsaw such as design, price, performance, features and specifications.

Check out the models listed below with their features, pros and cons to help you make a wiser decision.

Best Professional Chainsaw 2020

1. Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
1,150 Reviews
Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • 455 Rancher chainsaw is an ideal saw for landowners or homeowners who require a high powered and heavy duty chainsaw
  • 55. 5cc 20 inch gas chainsaw with guide bar and chain

Husqvarna 455 Rancher chain saw is called the powerhouse for its 55.5cc motor that offers a maximum output of 3.49 HP. This amount of power is more than sufficient to cut through the hardest wood with much ease. Its feature of X-Torq technology makes it effective in consuming less fuel while giving out minimum amount of fumes. It has a comfortable rubber-coated handlebar for extra safety and comfort. Moreover, it produces negligible vibrations with the in-built LowVib technology.

This model is one of the best professional chainsaw models you will buy this year. It can reach a speed of a maximum 9000 RPM and the 20” bar length can make easy cuts through the thickest of woods. It is vibration-free, smooth and indicates to be less user fatigue. It offers better control, is reliable and so tops this list!


  • Incorporates X-Torq technology
  • Has in-built LowVib technology
  • Powerhouse 55.5cc motor
  • 20” bar length
  • Comfortable rubber-coated handlebar

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to start
  • Comfortable and safe to use
  • Air injection system
  • Can cut through thickest wood easily
  • Easy to handle
  • A little expensive

2. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2727-21HD Chainsaw

This professional chainsaw from Milwaukee is an electric, corded model loaded with amazing features ensuring to deliver brilliant performance. It can cut under various conditions. This model features the powerstate Brushless motor patented by the brand, which makes it possible to deliver results same as the level of a 40cc gas engine. Its M18 fuel system is the high output battery system that offers 50% more power than any other professional chainsaw model.

It has a bar length of 16 inches that gets supportf rom the more of its technology. Its redlink plus technology renders overload protection, keeping both the chainsaw and battery protected while doing heavy work. This professional chainsaw has a variable speed trigger ensuring optimum control. It offers almost 150 cuts after fully charging the battery.

The model is ergonomic and safe and is designed to satisfy the professional need in landscaping, maintenance and power utilities. However, it is not a good option for foresters.


  • 16inches bar length
  • Corded, electric model by Milwaukee
  • Redlink Plus technology
  • Powerstate Brushless motor

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight and powerful
  • Loaded with technology that makes sure it is safe and durable
  • Runs for long hours on single charge
  • Delivers same level of performance as a 40cc gas engine
  • Not easy to sharpen and maintain
  • Complaints about chain throwing

3. Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw

Are you looking forward to buying professional chainsaw that trims branches quicker and slices through a 20inch pine tree easily? If so, Echo CS-400 is a perfect buy for you this year. It has a robust 40.2cc 2 stroke engine, which helps making the work quicker and easier. The model is designed to replace the heavier counterpart CS-4400. It is lightweight (only 10.1lbs), which makes it easier to control and maneuver.

It has a bar length of 18inches that is enough to cut through medium-sized tress and its limbs. Its i-30 starting system gives a quick start. You can easily hold the top handle and it has also got a vibration reducing system to minimize user fatigue. It has everything you would need to complete the taste.

This professional chainsaw is designed to help professional woodcutters and arborists. With an engine of 40.2cc power, it might provide less power as compared to the more expensive competitors in the market. However, it is a good investment considering its weight of only 10.1 pounds. Being lightweight, it enables you to handle it well and get the job done efficiently, especially if you require climbing a tree or ladder with tools. You can easily operate this model with its hassle-free start up feature. It has got an ability of self-cleaning even while using it extensive, thus offering easy maintenance and exceeding the tool’s life expectancy. Echo CS-400 can be the best alternative to a perfect professional chainsaw.

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  • Hassle-free start up feature
  • i-30 starting system
  • robust 40.2cc engine
  • best for professional woodcutters and arborists
  • vibration-reducing system

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable model
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to handle
  • Extensive use for long hours
  • Easy maintenance
  • Some complaints on its warranty service

4. Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw, 20262

It is a Greenworks 40V Cordless Chainsaw is a battery-powered chainsaw that comes at the best rate as compared to other professional chainsaws. It is one of the most effective chainsaws that offer premium features. The brand offers a full line of an interchangeable battery of 40v, it works great for contractors, homeowners, power supply professionals, etc.

It has a bar length of 12inches and is very light in weight (only 6lbs!), which makes it a perfect professional chainsaw for you. It has an instant electric start feature that can be operated easily with a two-system button. The mode is extremely easy to use. The product is made more efficient by an automatic oiling system and tool-free chain tensioning. Its side-mounted knob makes it safe and easy to use.

The Cordless Chainsaw by Greenworks comes with a 40V battery that provides an onboard life indicator showing the number of cuts remaining. It can support 75 cuts on a single charge. The chainsaw is manufactured with ergonomically placed shields and handles, along with wraparound designs allowing cutting positions while you use the saw at an angle. Its 3/8inches chain reduces kickback.


  • 40V battery offering onboard life indicator
  • A bar length of 12inches
  • Ergonomically designed
  • East to use
  • Powerful performance
  • Fly tension adjustments
  • Lightweight

Pros & Cons

  • Allows up to 75 cuts on single charge
  • Easy start system
  • Automatic oiling system
  • Battery power not sufficient to last as long as a gas chainsaw
  • Complaints of chain jumping

5. Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw with Auto-Tension by WORX

Using a professional chainsaw is not an easy task, it can be worrisome and difficult at times. This professional chainsaw from the lesser-known brand Worx is one of the safest and easiest to use a chainsaw you can have. Its wide range of features is evidence of its efficiency.

This chainsaw is light in weight and compact in size. With a length of 25inches and less than 7lbs in weight, Worx WG322 is easy to handle by almost anyone. Its 10” bars are mounted well suitable for any angle or position. Though the bar finds it difficult to cut through large trees, it can handle a large multitude of small, lumber trees and branches and related issues easily.

The reason why this product finds a place in our list of best professional chainsaws of 2020 is its tool-free tension adjusting feature and the automatic oiling system option. It has a battery of 20V power featuring life indicators. This way, you won’t be stuck mid-way while working with the model. The manufacturer has designed the battery in a way that it can be used with other tools as well, making it a money-saving option for you.


  • Tool-free tension adjusting option
  • Automatic oiling system
  • 20V battery suitable with other tools as well
  • Bar length of 12inches
  • Compact size and lightweight

Pros & Cons

  • Simple trigger start
  • Manufactured to be used at any cutting angle or position
  • Small bar limits effectiveness
  • The battery doesn’t last long

6. Echo CS-590 20” Timber Wolf Chainsaw

Echo is an emerging brand manufacturing the most powerful professional chainsaws giving competition to the leading brands in the industry. Its 59.8cc engine and 20inch bar length makes it reliable for any cutting situation. The CS-590 model is among the best models offered by Echo.

With a weight of 17lbs, it offers good balance with the wraparound handle design that offers a good grip to cut at any angle or position. It has a decompression valve that allows easy start and clean air is released from the engine during the cleaning process. It is because of the in-built G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner. This way, the engine remains blockage free and doesn’t bog down while in use. The product also has a vibration dampener and it gets easy to maintain with its tool-less access feature


  • 8cc engine
  • 20” bar length
  • G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleaner
  • Tool-less access feature
  • Wraparound handle design

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to check the fuel tank level
  • Excellent value for money
  • Amazing balance and power
  • Replacement bars are not easily available
  • Chin guard can crack over time

7. Dolmar PS-6100 61cc 20″

The Dolmar PS-6100 Chainsaw is yet another excellent professional chainsaw you can buy this year. It has a powerful 61cc engine that gives an output of 4.6HP and a maximum of 13,800 RPM. With such massive power and a bar length of 20inch, PS-6100 offers ultimate cutting ability and can easily cut through thick trees. It is one of the fuel efficient models by Dolmar that consumes almost 20% less fuel than others. It offers 30minutes of uninterrupted operation per tank.

It offers added durability with a design of metal crankcase and handlebar, which allows it to withstand years of extensive use. It boasts of incredible features that you would get in a pro-grade class like side-mounted chain tensioner, tool-less air cleaner and an anti-vibration system.

It is one of the premium professional chainsaws for a wide range of applications. It is rugged and offers great features at an affordable price. It delivers high performance with its great amount of speed and power. You get a vibration free performance. Moreover, it is very comfortable and easy to control. You might feel it to be a bit expensive but the value of money it offers is undeniable.

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  • Anti-vibration system
  • 61c engine
  • 20inch bar length
  • Side-mounted chain tensioner
  • Tool-less air cleaner

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy design best for commercial use
  • Perfect vibration free high performance
  • Powerful speed
  • Sometimes doesn’t come with a case

8. Poulan Pro 20 in. 50cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw, PR5020

With a brand reputation for over 70 years now, Poulan offers both gas-powered and electric-powered professional chainsaws for extensive cutting. No matter what you requirements for a chainsaw are, Poulan offers an extensive warranty of 3-5 years based on the product you choose.

The company is specialized in specific models of different sizes and weight, narrowing down the needs and getting you the best product available. From a 14” electric chainsaw to the highest 50cc engine model to 20” bar length model, Poulan has got every kind of professional chainsaw.

This Poulan Pro PR5020 model offers a 50cc powerful engine displacement that promises high efficiency of cutting hardwoods. It is recommended for users who are into heavy duty cutting job for their residential or commercial property. Its 20” bar length supports comfortable handling of the chainsaw. It is capable of cutting heavier timber and logging work as required. It can also help you in doing short work of property cleanup, lumber milling and large firewood cutting.


  • 50cc powerful engine displacement
  • 20” bar length
  • Great for extensive hardwood cutting

Pros & Cons

  • Durable and powerful
  • Cuts smoothly and easy to start
  • Suitable for both commercial and residential purpose
  • Bar is a little flexible but you can get it changed
  • Issues with the ignition modules are possible

9. Oregon CS1500 Chainsaw

The Oregon CS1500 570995 is among the most incredible professional chainsaws for its self-sharpening chain. You just need to hold the lever and the sharpening stone inside the model will start sharpening the chain within a few seconds. It extends its life expectancy and makes sure the performance is not compromised.

It is the reason for it being the favorite of all the best professional chainsaws mentioned in the list. However, there are some features that might show its downsides such as, the auto-oiling system becomes frustrating for some users. To add another, it is heavy in weight as compared to the other chainsaws on this list, which makes it difficult to handle.

However, it boasts of a 15AMP motor, which supports maximum power form a power outlet. You just need an outlet! You do not require worrying about any gas or other fuel sources. It doesn’t ask for high maintenance and is an ideal professional chainsaw you can choose to buy this year.


  • 15amp motor producing high power
  • Self-sharpening chain
  • Low maintenance product

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to start
  • Strong motor to produce maximum power
  • Has a self-sharpening chain
  • Difficult to handle
  • Irritating auto-oiling system

10. BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw, 18-Inch, 15-Amp (CS1518)

Having 15AMP motor for producing high power, this Black+Decker 18inch chainsaw deserves a spot on the list of best professional chainsaw of 2020. It is a lightweight (12lbs) chainsaw that is completely electric and is easy to start. However, you need to carry the extension cord wherever you take the product.

One of the best features of this professional chainsaw is its auto-oiling system, you will not need to prime the saw ever. With its anti-kickback chain and bar, it reduces the chances of injury from chain kickback, which is a dangerous issue common with using chainsaws.

The reason why it comes at the last spot of our list is its reliability issue. It is not very reliable as compared to other professional chainsaws in the list. Thankfully, it comes with a 2-year warranty, so you can get it replaced if something goes wrong within 2 years of use.


  • 15AMP motor for producing high power
  • Auto-oiling system
  • 2-years warranty
  • Lightweight

Pros & Cons

  • No need to prime the chainsaw
  • Reduces any chances of chainsaw kickback
  • East to start
  • Not much reliable
  • Needs assembly

Maintenance and safety of Chainsaw

It is essential to take necessary caution when you are into cutting tools. When it comes to using a professional chainsaw, you must take significant safety and maintenance steps and be vigilant. It is a useful tool and can maim you quite easily.

To remain safe while using the best powerful chainsaw, keep the following things in mind.

  • Wear suitable safety gear.
  • Make sure your chainsaw is in good condition to get the cutting job done. Sharpen the chain as needed and avoid using a faulty chainsaw.
  • Get used to the bar length. Longer bars do not perform with versatility. If your machine is not stable, you might injure yourself.
  • You should be careful about your chainsaw kickback. It happens if the tip hit a harder or thicker object and throws the unit towards you. It usually happens with long guide bar chainsaws.
  • Make sure to keep the chainsaw clean. It enables to keep the drip oil tank clean.
  • If you are going far in the woods for cutting, have someone with you. You might need help in case of an emergency.
  • Carry a first-aid kit with you while cutting woods or other tools.
  • You must learn the right use of a chainsaw. There are online programs available to guide you better.
  • While cutting hardwoods using a professional chainsaw, it can produce sparks. It can further ignite a bush fire. Carry an extinguisher or shovel to deal with such a situation.
  • Read and understand the manufacturer’s guide of the professional chainsaw.


We hope you have by now decided on buying a best professional chainsaw of 2020. Tell us which one suits your requirements in the comments below.


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